Wednesday, July 08, 2009

In Queen of Disguises, an escaped con, the actress-turned-thief Violet Bridey, is stalking me. I’m on Salt Spring Island, trying to get in shape. (BTW, I hate that expression. An egg is a shape, right? Ditto a pear, and certainly an M & M.) Vengeful Vi has sworn to hunt me down and exact revenge for sending her to jail.

Well, the Mississauga Public Library did me the honor of naming Queen of Disguises one of its top 10 kids’ reads for summer 2009. I’m tickled pink. Thank you, MPL!

Here’s a joke for you. Mississauga is a long word. How do you spell it? Ha ha ha. Yeah, I know. I should go on Leno.

One last thing, and then I gotta flee the ever-baleful Bridey. Check out my friend Cynthia Nugent’s new blog, about her upcoming book with Orca, Fred and Pete at the Beach. Fred and Pete are dogs based on Cynthia and my own author, Melanie Jackson. Talk about a tale to wag.


Julia at Orca Book said...

Yay! Congratulations! I love this photo BTW.

Harmina said...

It was great to have Shadows on the Train in the BC Chocolate Lily Awards program this year.

~Flo*~ said...

I read this book. At first, i left it alone on th shelf and then it got very intruiguing. Good work! Good luck with you next book, as the author page says itself you were working on a nother one, anyway, ciao!