Monday, December 01, 2008

Watch out, Dinah!

A thief breaks out of jail to track down the sleuth who put her there – Dinah Galloway. Problem is, the thief is a former actress known as “the queen of disguises” for her cunning costume changes. So Dinah knows she’s being stalked, but by whom? Our heroine already has enough on her plate without the addition of revenge served cold: the red-headed 12-year-old is a finalist to sing in commercials promoting beautiful British Columbia.

The deal is, to clinch the job, Dinah has to get fit at a wellness retreat on Salt Spring Island. Veggies? Exercise? Yech! Grudgingly, though, Dinah allows that her lifestyle could be a little healthier. Off to Salt Spring she goes, along with the two other finalists: one friendly, the other the last word in sulky. Her buddies Talbot and Pantelli make their usual disruptive appearances, along with Dinah’s ever-anxious mother and cool, elegant sister Madge. Hoping to shed not only pounds but her vengeful pursuer, Dinah learns the meaning of personal best – it truly is how you play the game, not whether you win.

ISBN 978-1-55469-037-4
$9.95 Cdn


Jacqueline Pearce said...

Did Melanie have to go to a Saltspring Island wellness retreat to research this book?

The Mysterious Mrs. Jackson said...

Yes, she did, Jacquie. But you didn't see HER huffing and puffing around fields and up and down hills. Grrrrr ...