Friday, February 22, 2008

Like Monsieur Voltaire said ...
Have comment, we'll blog it! Okay, so the eighteenth-century French philosopher didn't quite put it like that. What Voltaire did believe, though, amid tut-tutting wags of his long nose, is that everyone has a right to their opinion! That's why we here at gladly publish whatever our readers say. We figure that, if you guys have put some thought into your messages, they're worth sharing with everyone. Thanks for continuing to write in! For the latest round of comments, click on -- duh -- "comments," below.

Oh, and check out these Shadow-y comments from Fernfolio!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Best Bets, in books AND in friends
This is a photo of Melanie with her buddy and guardian-angel-librarian, Gianna Dassios, at Chine Dr. School in Toronto. Gianna's the teacher-librarian there, as well as being Melanie's Ontario Library Association rep. for Silver Birch. Melanie counts herself lucky to have Gianna as a good friend -- she has me to thank for that. I brought 'em together!

While Melanie was in TO for the recent OLA SuperConference, she found out that the Ontario Library Association has named Shadows on the Train one of its Best Bets for Children 2007. Yay! Thanks, OLA! Hey, and thanks to Gianna for taking this photo, too.