Friday, February 22, 2008

Like Monsieur Voltaire said ...
Have comment, we'll blog it! Okay, so the eighteenth-century French philosopher didn't quite put it like that. What Voltaire did believe, though, amid tut-tutting wags of his long nose, is that everyone has a right to their opinion! That's why we here at gladly publish whatever our readers say. We figure that, if you guys have put some thought into your messages, they're worth sharing with everyone. Thanks for continuing to write in! For the latest round of comments, click on -- duh -- "comments," below.

Oh, and check out these Shadow-y comments from Fernfolio!


The Mysterious Mrs. Jackson said...

And here they are, unedited, more comments from you fantasmo Silver Birch readers:

"This is my first mystery book this year and it was AWESOME!!!! The way Dinah solved mysteries it was incredible. She is very smart. I read better books in Silver Birch but this is my second fovourite book in Silver Birch this year. I hope the author keeps on writing mystery books because they are GREAT!!"

"I thouht Shadows on the train was a really good book because when you read it, there are mysterious people in the book, and once you think you know who the person is ,it isn't the peson! and the girl Dinah did not know who was good or who was bad because they were all mystrious. I liked it because the book did not give the main part away, it made me want to keep reading on."

"In the beginning it was kind of boring. But close to end was very cool. I only don't like when Jack and Madge kiss."

"This book was very action-packed. It was a mystery with Dina Galloway, a young dective. She is going to appear on a television show with her amazing voice, and is travelling on a train. Unfortunately, her piano teacher is kidnapped. Soon, more passengers disappear. Can Dina save her friends before she goes missing?"

"One funny part I remember was when Dina was five. She told Ardle McBean that she was going to sing at Crumbly Hall. (or Carnegie Hall) I thought it was smart of her to (sort of ) know about Carnegie Hall at age five. I didn't know about it until I was what- seven?"

"I Liked this book even though it was confusing. Sometimes it wasn't clear what was happening/who was talking. The mystery has a twist at the end. (but I'm not giving it away!!!)"

"This book was amazing just as good as "The Mask on the Cruise Ship" in last years silver birch program!!!"

"This book was great i really recomend it to people who like mysrteries!This book is really suspencefull and i just couldnt stop reading it next thing i knew i was almost finished it!Dinah the main character was really interesting to hear about!Dinah is a girl who salves mysteries and has a wonderfull singing voice if there is a mysterie mysterie un solved Dinah is on the case and there is no doubt she wont crack the case!When Dinah's sweet piano teacher disapears on her train to Toronto Dinah's on the case!In this book there are a lot of shocking moments in this story but im definately not giving them away so if you want to hear them READ THIS BOOK!!!"

"Shadows On The Train was a great book. The first part of it I found pretty slow paced and boring but towards the end it got really exiting! My favourite character was Bowl Cut. I liked him because he was so mysterious and you couldn't tell if he was good or bad. I think it appealed to me because it was action packed and adventurous. Out of ten I would give it an eight because of the slow paced starting."

"I respect your views, but I really disagree. I really liked this book, and it was partly because I love mystery stories. It was really interesting."

"It was excellent! I like the part when Dinah put the stamp on her tongue and Freddy jumped out the window. What's your favourtie book in Silver Birch?"

The Mysterious Mrs. Jackson said...

Two more Di-namic readers wrote in. Love you guys!

“hey....i've read all ur books expect the spy in the was just wondering what ur next book would be about and does Talbot and Dinah start going out??....its interstesing and i love all ur books please keep writing so i can learn more about you and everyone else”

“Hi! My name is … and I'm currently in a Silver Birch Club, at my school in Toronto. I read your Shadows on the Train, and I loved it!!! Even though I only read the third and fifth books in your Dinah Galloway series, I have a good sense to what kind of personality she has. Dinah reminds me of another brash, young girl named Sammy Keys. Have you ever heard about her? If you havn't, she is very similiar to Dinah in personality, and always finds herself trying to crack extradinary mysteries.
Anyways, I can not wait to read the rest of the books in the Dinah Galloway series and I think it was so funny when Dinah said "IN MY OPINION, JULIET WAS A WEINER!" in Mask on the Cruise Ship. I was reading on my couch when I was at that part, so when I started laughing uncontrollabily, my parents looked at me and couldn't help but laugh along(even though they didn't know what was so funny. I think I was laughing for at least a minute, before I could finally stop!
I loved your book so much, I told my friends to read it, too. And guess what? They LOVED it!!!
I hope you won't end the Dinah Galloway series with just a few books, because I (and lots of other people) would be sad. Well not exactly sad, sad, but the feeling you get when a great series ends.

-One of Your many Readers

P.S. I also loved your video on youtube!!!
It was so funny!!!”

The Mysterious Mrs. Jackson said...

And more (thank you, readers!)
"i love your books, i meet you whan you came to my school (chine drive public school) are you going to wight another book?"

"i love your books plese anser me from: love your books, i meet you whan you came to my school (chine drive public school) are you going to wight another book? i love your books"

"Hi ms.Jackson I really like the book you wrote Shadows on the Train.I think you like mystery book.What is your favorite book when you were little.Are you going to write any other mystery book because they wear so good book."

The Mysterious Mrs. Jackson said...

"Anyway, I dont really understand the first bit. I think its becasue theis book is not the first book in the series. Also, reading is not my favorite hobby. I prefer to draw or sing. But, this book is really ecxiting, and as I read, I'm start to understand what's happening in the story more and more. Thank you got taking your time to read this "

The Mysterious Mrs. Jackson said...

"I am a Silver Birch reader, and I have just finished reading your book Shadows on the Train. It is so good that I rated it 4 out of 4. I can't wait to read more of your books. They all seem to be so good. Also, I have already read 5 Silver Birch books so I get to vote for my favourite book, and it's going to definitely be Shadows on the Train. Please reply back soon. I can't wait to hear from you."