Wednesday, April 23, 2008

When those questions creep up on you
Hey guys, you've sent some great questions in. Our time here at is like a bag of ketchup-flavored potato chips: runs out way too fast. But allow us to answer two questions submitted by Di fans:

Q. Hi my name is Sadie and I live in Vancouver. I have really enjoyed reading your Dinah Galloway mystery stories, my favorite being "The summer of the spotted owl" What I like most about them is that there set in Vancouver, no as I'm reading I can relate to the locations such as: Grouse mountain, commercial drive, pacific central station etc. what I also like is how you talked about the spotted owl, the owl rescue center in Langley did a presentation at my school and owls are just such amazing animals, it just breaks your heart to see them disappearing! So anyhow my question for you is are you going to write more Dinah mystery, if so what's the next one going to be about?

A. Hi Sadie,

I am so glad you enjoy Dinah's adventures! I have a special place in my heart for Summer of the Spotted Owl, too. Some of the other books have got more attention, but that's kind of a favourite of mine, too. I know exactly what you mean about a breaking heart.

Yes, there is another Dinah on the way: The Queen of Disguises, coming out in '09. Do you remember the villainess from The Man in the Moonstone? She's back, stalking Dinah! Brrr! ... Thanks for writing!

Oh ... the photo?

And check out Comments for another Q. and A.


The Mysterious Mrs. Jackson said...

I am Heather from Lester B. Pearson school for the arts london ont. at school, we are reading the silver birch books. when i saw your book, i wanted to read it but there were no more copies left at the moment. From the people that have read it-nothing but good comments!!! I have one question for you: I am trying to write books of my own but i do not know where to start. How do you come up with your topics?
From, Heather
P.S.-I like the piano too!(just not the practising!!)

The Mysterious Mrs. Jackson said...

Hi Heather,

Well, I hope a copy comes free soon! Then you can write back and tell me what you think of it.

That's great that you want to write your own books. My advice is, develop your main character first. Make him/her as interesting as possible, with interests and flaws. Then you can place that person in all kinds of dramatic situations. Their reactions to things will make the story interesting.

I'm glad you enjoy playing the piano, too, by the way. I even enjoy the warm up exercises (unlike Dinah in Shadows).

Take care,