Sunday, August 26, 2007

Life Is Serious

G.D. from Toronto wanted to know: "Did Melanie ever come back from being kidnapped?" Why, yes, she did - though first our Sinister Hoodie tried to ransom her. All Pantelli and I could come up with was some dented Bionicles, so the Hoodie eventually gave up and returned Melanie free of charge. He grumbled something about complaining to the kidnappers' union next time - like, who knows.

However, before he returned my author, the two of them, along with a Cecil B. DeMille-like cast and crew, filmed the following extravaganza, Life Is Serious, a concept Melanie feels very strongly about.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Di-Namic Tips on Writing

You guys have been e-mailing me for tips on writing. Personally, I'm into SINGING. So I'll lob this one over to my author, Melanie Jackson. ... Melanie?

Melanie: Sure, Dinah - but watch where you lob, okay? That one got me in the eye. Anyhow, here are my top five tips for budding authors:

1. Write about people and places you know. Change names, though! You don't want Great-Aunt Sadie bearing down on you with her cane.
2. Set a time every day for writing. Even if you toss out what you've written, you've improved your style just that much with your 6 a.m. cup of tea (or whenever).
3. Read constantly! And read good books. The good writers' style and messages will seep into your brain.
4. Print out and edit what you've written. I know, I know: editing sounds boring. But when you have a first draft in front of you it's like viewing an aerial landscape of a village. You can rearrange places and people to make the story better.
5. Like Prime Minister Winston Churchill (pictured) said, "Never never never never give up!" Admittedly, with his glorious, plummy accent he said "Nevah." But you get the idea. Be stubborn. You will succeed if you keep trying.