Sunday, August 26, 2007

Life Is Serious

G.D. from Toronto wanted to know: "Did Melanie ever come back from being kidnapped?" Why, yes, she did - though first our Sinister Hoodie tried to ransom her. All Pantelli and I could come up with was some dented Bionicles, so the Hoodie eventually gave up and returned Melanie free of charge. He grumbled something about complaining to the kidnappers' union next time - like, who knows.

However, before he returned my author, the two of them, along with a Cecil B. DeMille-like cast and crew, filmed the following extravaganza, Life Is Serious, a concept Melanie feels very strongly about.

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Dinah Galloway Mysteries said...

A.P. from Toronto wrote to Melanie:

What gave you the idea to write this book/series? Do you know anyone named Dinah Galloway? when you were writing this book were you trying to make every character seem suspicious? When you were writing this book did you have any goals, did you achieve them?


No, I don't know anyone named Dinah Galloway, though my aunt's last name is Galloway, and I have always liked the name. Dinah is the name of an old song that I like.

Trying to make characters suspicious? You betcha!

Goals? I wanted to show that life can be an adventure if you are curious and interested in people. Also, that you can sometimes make mistakes about judging people! Dinah rushed rather too quickly to her judgments about certain people, didn't she? If you liked the book, then I feel I may have met my goals.

All the very best to you!