Friday, December 14, 2007

The Mysterious Disappearance of Agatha Christie

My author, Melanie Jackson, and I got an early Christmas present: a review in Kliatt that says Shadows on the Train “evokes and blends the best of Gardner, Hitchcock and Christie.” Well, speaking of Christie – that’s Agatha, not Mr. – did you know that she mysteriously disappeared for eleven days back in 1926? Yup, it’s true. Already a bestselling novelist, Agatha upped and left her house in
Berkshire, England with no explanation to anyone. The newspapers blazed out headlines: why had Agatha vanished? Had someone murdered the murder writer?

Then, calmly as you please, Agatha turned up again – and never told anyone, not a single soul, what she’d been doing. There’s a theory floating round that maybe she suffered temporary amnesia, but who knows? In any event, disappearing would be a great publicity stunt, wouldn’t you say so, Melanie? … Er … Melanie?

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