Friday, March 16, 2007

Interrupted Train of Thought

"Just what are you doing?" exclaimed an Arctic-icy voice behind us.

I whipped round to see --

"Hold on, there, Dinah," Talbot interrupts. "Don't you think you oughtta make Shadows on the Train the subject of this post?"

Why ... I guess Talbot's right. I should. (Er -- later, Mrs. Dubuque.) This month my newest adventure, Shadows on the Train, chugs into bookstores! You can read all about my, Talbot and Pantelli's slightly off-track adventures with a mysterious treasure that someone is trying to steal. Problem is, we don't know exactly what the treasure is, except that it's worth a whopping eighty grand. And, as we travel by train across the country, a nice little old lady vanishes from the dining car! Very Hitchcockian, my mother would say. I'd say, I hope the old lady got to finish her crumpets first. I mean, thwarting someone's attempt to eat -- now that's brutal. Anyhow, you can get all aboard! with our fearful adventures by slinking amongst the deadly ... Shadows on the Train.

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Dinah Galloway Mysteries said...

V.P. from Ontario writes: "I loved this book and i am doing a project on it and was wondering if Dinah Galloway (the main character) was a real girl...Melanie Jackson kind of spoke about her as if she was a real person on her main page about Dinah and my 'curiosity' started up ... "

Hi, V.P. This is me, Dinah. Just between you and me, I'm the real one and Melanie's fictional. Er - maybe don't tell her I said that, 'kay? Hey, I'm glad you enjoyed the book! And bravo for being curious. It's a very healthy condition, in my view.