Sunday, February 11, 2007

Di-vine thanks to my support staff

Yep, that's 'em: (from left) my author, Melanie Jackson, along with Wilfred the Cowardly and Mad Maybelle, Melanie's tekkie during author presentations. And the presentation they're smiling about here is the January 27 WriteOn! literacy event at Vancouver Public Library, hosted by the Lower Mainland Chapter of the International Literacy Association (LOMCIRA), Literacy BC, and of course VPL itself. Poet Bob Heidbreder romped the audience through his catchy rhymes, then Melanie presented my own personal tour through the screamingly fascinating History of the Mystery. There were lots of writing activities, too. Another THANK YOU, btw -- to Meredyth Grace Kezar of LOMCIRA.

Oh ... the Dubuque mystery? Well, stay tuned for an update on this very grave situation.


Dinah Galloway Mysteries said...

Hi Dinah, Your not the only one who's been on the radio. My Chinese song is being on CBC early addition! Mouse wants to tell you some things about "Summer of the Spotted Owl". His favorite character is Bald Guy!!! Is "Death Stalkers" a real game? Is the train in Shadows On the Train the train that takes them to Toronto to be filmed onTomorrow's Cool Talent?
Cat and Mouse

Dinah Galloway Mysteries said...

Hi Cat and Mouse,

Chinese song? Huh? Glad Mouse likes Bald Guy. And hey, Bald Guy really saves on shampoo, lemme tell ya. Death Stalkers? Well, it's real in my books, anyhow! And yup, the train is Toronto-bound. Whoops, think I hear the train whistle now ... better hustle off to the station ...
-- Your friend, Dinah

Dinah Galloway Mysteries said...

My name is A. and read your book "THE MASK ON THE CRUISE SHIP". I enjoyed and I have a lot questions about the book. I will ask you these questions now: Does this book have any reflection on you, if so why? What gave you the idea to write this book/series? Do you know anyone named Dinah Galloway? when you were writing this book were you trying to make every character seem suspicious? When you were writing this book did you have any goals, did you achieve them?
Please answer all these questions!
A big fan, A.

Dinah Galloway Mysteries said...

Hi A.,
I hope Dinah doesn't mind my muscling on to her site just for this moment.
Er ... I'll make this fast. Here we go:

A., I'm delighted you enjoyed The Mask on the Cruise Ship. You can find out some answers on my website,, but let me try to respond to the ones you've posed. Hmmm, let's see ...

Any reflection on me? Well, I tried to make it like my favourite mixture in other stories: suspense, humour, red herrings (i.e., false clues), a dash of romance ...

Idea for Dinah? Dinah is the person I'd like to be (but don't quite have the nerve). Series? Once I'd written the first Dinah, The Spy in the Alley, my editor suggested turning Dinah into a series, since she had so much energy -- enough for more adventures!

No, I don't know anyone named Dinah Galloway, though my aunt's last name is Galloway, and I have always liked the name. Dinah is the name of an old song that I like.

Trying to make characters suspicious? You betcha!

Goals? I wanted to show that life can be an adventure if you are curious and interested in people. Also, that you can sometimes make mistakes about judging people! Dinah rushed rather too quickly to her judgments about certain people, didn't she? If you liked the book, then I feel I may have met my goals.

All the very best to you,


stjohnsalltheway said...

Hey,my name is Veronica Palumbo and I loved "That mask on the cruise ship! (i sent you a bunch of fanmail)...Hope that's chose to do a project on this particular book...I am supposed to be pretending to be you and tell everyone about your successes and what you have done to get where you are today, and all I found was that you worked for Chatelaine and Vancouver magazines (congrats) but, on your Orca books profile, it just ended in saying you liked to scribble mystery stories...I know you are far more succesful than that and just wanted everyone to know that aswell...Maybe you could let me know how you went from working for magazines to being a famous author writing series' books...I think you are a great person...Thanks so much!!!

Veronica Palumbo