Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Cabbages and Kings

Hi. You might've read about me in Orca Books' Dinah Galloway Mystery Series. My latest case is called The Summer of the Spotted Owl. Thanks for visiting my blog! Just don't annoy me by drooling over how cute my sister's fiancĂ© Jack is. A lot of girl readers do that, and – well, try LavaLife if you're that desperate.

Anyhow, here's the latest. Mother served cabbage today. Yech! I snuck it upstairs to my room and Frisbee'd each leaf down into our neighbors the Dubuques' garden. Problem. Mr. Dubuque was digging up his azaleas at the time. Possible benefit. Briefly, Mr. Dubuque was no longer bald.

The "kings" part of this post's title? Oh, that's blatant self-promotion. Kings are on my mind because of the treasure I hunt down in my next adventure, The Shadows on the Train, out in spring 2007. Hey, check out my adventures c/o my publisher, Orca Books. Or visit my own, personal, accept-no-substitutes website.

Or ... have a banana-honey-peanut-butter sandwich. That's my fave kind of sandwich, and I intend to make one within minutes.

But back to Mr. Dubuque. Talk about mysterious! As well as angrily wrenching the cabbage leaf off his head, he threw his shovel aside and turned an unbecoming shade of mottled purple. As in, looked ultra guilty.

Why was Mr. Dubuque digging up his azaleas? Is he short on salad ingredients? Or ... is he hiding something?

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